Power Rangers Time Force
Time For Lightspeed

Jason Faunt as Wes Collins (Red Time Force Ranger)
Erin Cahill as Jen (Pink Time Force Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg as Trip (Green Time Force Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips as Katie (Yellow Time Force Ranger)
Michael Copon as Lucas Kendall (Blue Time Force Ranger)
Daniel Southworth as Eric Myers (Quantum Ranger)
Vernon Wells as Ransik
Kate Sheldon as Nadira
Jennifer L. Yen as Vypra
Shannon Welles as Grandmother Winslow (credited, but unseen)
Brianne Siddall as Circuit (voice)
Ron Rogge as Quarganon (voice)
Amanda Bright as Little Girl

Michael Chaturantabut as Chad Lee (Blue Lightspeed Ranger)
Rhett Fisher as Ryan Mitchell (Titanium Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson as Carter Grayson (Red Lightspeed Ranger)
Alison MacInnis as Dana Mitchell (Pink Lightspeed Ranger)
Keith Robinson as Joel Rawlings (Green Lightspeed Ranger)
Sasha Williams as Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Lightspeed Ranger)
Monica Louwerens as Angela Fairweather Rawlings

[In a graveyard, Vypra breaks free from her grave]

VYPRA: The time has come for revenge.

[Five demon warriors also rise from the earth.]

VYPRA: Yes, my warriors. Even the rangers... must face the fire.

[In the Silver Hills Museum, Vypra approaches a showcase of a orange color crystal. She magically pushes her hand through the glass and picks up the crystal. But the magic doesn't seem to include things she touches because the crystal will not proceed through the glass. She angrily places it back where it was.]

VYPRA: Curses.

[She leaves the Museum and comes face to face with the Silver Guardians.]

ERIC: Don't take another step! You're trespassing on private property... Ma'am.
VYPRA: I go where I want!

[Suddenly her five warriors appear and she sends a blast towards the Guardians, who go flying. Vypra and her warriors disappear and Eric painfully picks himself up. From the darkness, the five rangers drive in on their Vector Cycles.]

WES: C'mon! Let's move it!

[Wes moves over and stands in front of Eric.]

WES: Eric! What happened? Who did this to you guys?
ERIC: I don't know. You tell me and maybe we'll both know. We couldn't even touch them. (To his soldiers) All right! Pick it up! I want a perimeter check and let's move out!

[Jen, helping a Guardian walks pass Katie.]

JEN: C'mon, Katie. Let's give them a hand.
KATIE: You got it.

[Wes looks up into the dark sky and sees some flashing.]

WES: I don't have a good feeling about this...

[In Nadira's room on the Prison Ship. Nadira is sleeping peacefully when a shadow crosses across her bed.]

NADIRA: Huh?! Who's... there?

[In the corridors of the Prison Ship, Nadira clings to her father's arm as he checks out the ship.]

RANSIK: Oh, Nadira. There's no such thing as a ghost.
NADIRA: But I heard something.

[They enter the main room and see someone sitting on Nadira's chair filing her nails. Nadira goes and hides behind her father.]

NADIRA: Huh? Ahhh!
RANSIK: And who are you?
VYPRA: I'm Vypra! Princess... of all demons!

[Nadira comes out from behind her father.]

NADIRA: I don't care if you're the 'Princess of the Universe'! Get out of my chair!

[Nadira jumps at Vypra, but flies right through her, landing on her chair. She then faints daintily.]

RANSIK: What are you doing here?
VYPRA: I hate to say it... but I need... your help.
RANSIK: Hehehe. I'm listening.
VYPRA: I want you to help me... steal the Solar Amulet from the museum.
RANSIK: The Solar Amulet. Why?
VYPRA: Soon, the sun... will be in perfect alignment with the stars. The Solar Amulet... will have the power, to release... Quarganon, a super demon.

[Nadira wakes up and listens with interest.]

RANSIK: Why would I help you raise a demon? When I have a prison full of mutants?!
VYPRA: This demon can do what no mutant can. He... can destroy the rangers!
RANSIK: Hehehehe!

[In the Clock Tower, Trip is looking at the view screen reading about the Solar Amulet.]

TRIP: The museum said, that the intruder was trying to steal this.
KATIE: But, they didn't get it?
WES: No.
JEN: If they want it that badly, they'll try again. And when they do... we'll be there.

[Outside the Museum, morphed Katie and Trip are crouched behind some bushes in front of the building while morphed Jen, Wes, and Lucas are looking out from behind a small building nearby.]

KATIE: (Into her chrono morpher) There's still nothing.
JEN: Hold your position. I see something materializing.

[Ransik, Nadira, Vypra, and a bunch of Cyclobots appear in front of the museum doors.]

JEN: Ransik.

[A Cyclobot uses a tool to open the door and they all, except Vypra, enter the building.]

NADIRA: Oh, daddy! This is so fun!
RANSIK: Yes, my sweet.

[The rangers run at the door, only to be blasted by Vypra.]

VYPRA: More Rangers?!

[She calls on her warriors who suddenly appear.]

VYPRA: Destroy them!

[Meanwhile, inside the museum, the Cyclobot has opened the case, and Ransik reaches in and takes out the Solar Amulet.]

RANSIK: Hahahaha!

[Back outside, the rangers have demorphed from the powerful blasts of the warriors and are lying are the ground. Ransik, Nadira, and the Cyclobots exit the building.]

VYPRA: Did you get the amulet?
RANSIK: Of course.
VYPRA: Excellent. Hahahaha!

[The group disappear in a flash of light. The rangers pick themselves up off the ground.]

LUCAS: What were those things?
JEN: They're not mutants, that's for sure.

[A yellow RV pulls up near them, blinding the five with its headlights. Someone then steps out of the vehicle and approaches them, his face in shadows.]

PERSON: You're going to need my help.
JEN: And who are you?

[The mystery person steps out the shadows, revealing that he's wearing khaki pants, a red shirt, and the official jacket of a Lightspeed Ranger.]

CARTER: Carter Grayson. Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger.

[Back in the Clock Tower, the six rangers are discussing the situation.]

JEN: Ransik never cared about the Solar Amulet. So why does Vypra want it so badly?
CARTER: The amulet holds powers from the Shadow World. Now that she has it, Vypra will use her black magic to raise a super demon.
JEN: A demon?! How are we supposed to fight that?
CARTER: It won't be easy. But I have some friends who can help us out.

[In a medical office in Mariner Bay, a blond doctor finishes putting a sling on a young girl's arm. She then reaches into a jar and pulls out a lollipop.]

DOCTOR: Now, if you're going to keep on climbing trees, you've got to be more careful.
LITTLE GIRL: Thanks, Doctor Dana.

[The girl leaves as the doctor turns around revealing to be Dana Mitchell, wearing a pink shirt, a tan skirt, a white doctor's jacket, and a pink stethoscope around her neck. Her phone then beeps.]

RECEPTIONIST: There's a call for you on line two, Doctor.

[Dana walks over a picks up the phone.]

DANA: Hello?! Hey, Carter! Is everything all right?

[In the parking lot of a ferry terminal with a cruise ship docked there, Joel Rawlings is seen unloading suitcases from the trunk of a silver convertible. His companion then turns around placing a wide brim hat on her head, revealing to be Angela Fairweather.]

ANGELA: Hawaii! Here we come!
JOEL: I can't wait. Nothing is going to spoil our honeymoon.

[Suddenly his cell phone rings and with an agonizing look to his new bride, he flips it open.]

JOEL: Hello? Carter?! Whatever it is, it's going to have to wait!

[The new Mrs. Rawlings grabs the phone from Joel and puts it to her ear.]

ANGELA: What is it, Carter? I see. He'll be right there!
JOEL: Wha?!

[Somewhere else in Mariner Bay, Kelsey Winslow is shown competing in an extreme sports competition. (Note: This is the scene where her grandmother is supposed to be in. Maybe she's in the background for a second.) Then Kelsey's cell phone starts

KELSEY: Hello? What? Carter! I'm on my way!

[Lastly, at the beach, a lifeguard with shoulder length hair is staring out at the ocean through his binoculars when his cell phone starts to ring. Turning around to answer it he's revealed to be the next member of the team, Chad Lee.]

CHAD: Yeah? I'm all over it!

[Back in Silver Hills, in an abandoned subway building, a ceremony has been set up for the releasing of the demon. Ransik and Nadira are there, looking bored, while Vypra walks around holding the crystal.]

RANSIK: Well?!

[Outside, Carter and Wes pull up to the building in the Rescue Rover.]

CARTER: This has got to be it.

[Wes then contacts the others through the chrono morpher.]

WES: Guys, I think we have something. Meet us at the abandoned subway!
JEN: (through the morpher) We're on our way!

[Back inside the building...]

VYPRA: From the gates of darkness, where evil dwells. To the light of day, hear my spells!

[The crystal starts to glow making Ransik smile evilly.]

RANSIK: Hahahaha! It's working! Eheheheh!
VYPRA: From the deepest shadows, far below. Where no mortal would dare to go!
RANSIK: *laughs*

[Suddenly, Wes and Carter jump in, kicking Vypra in the back, making her drop the amulet. Carter then bends down to pick it up,as Vypra turns to him, recognizing him.]

CARTER: I see you're still keeping bad company.
RANSIK: Yes. And we have something in common. Hehehe! We both... want to destroy rangers! Ahehehehe!

[Ransik then brings forth one of his swords and sends a blast at the two rangers making Carter fly to the ground. Wes runs over and helps him up.]

WES: Carter! Get up, let's go!

[They run out the building, jump into the Rover, and fasten their seat belts before Carter speeds away. Wes looks behind then and breathes with relief at seeing no one.]

WES: I think we lost them!

[Suddenly, the Rover is hit with some blasts. Looking behind him, Carter sees Vypra driving her Vyparia.]

CARTER: Think again!
VYPRA: You won't get away this time!

[She fires another volley of blasts, making the Rover stop in its tracks. Carter tries to get the vehicle moving without any luck. Wes quickly unfastens his seat belt and proceeds to open his door.]

WES: C'mon, let's get out of here!

[Carter also unbuckles his seat belt and they both run away from the Rover, towards the Vyparia. Another blast from that vehicle makes them stop in their tracks. Wes then grabs Carter, pulling him in the other direction.]

WES: Come on!

[Wes then suddenly bumps into Ransik who lifts him up by his shirt collar.]

RANSIK: Going somewhere?

[He then tosses Wes into some crates limning the road. Carter runs over and helps up his friend.]

CARTER: C'mon, Wes. I got'cha!

[Vypra gets out of her vehicle and walks towards them.]

VYPRA: I'll take the amulet.
CARTER: Never!

[Carter raises his arm ready to smash it, when an evil laugh reaches his ears. Looking up he sees Nadira walking towards the group. Behind her are Vypra's warriors, four of them holding tightly onto a ranger.]

NADIRA: Ahahahaha! You might want to wait a second, Red Ranger!
JEN: Smash it, Carter!

[Carter tries to smash it again, but can't risk his new friends lives. He holds it out and Vypra takes it from him.]

VYPRA: I'll take that!

[She then holds it up the sun.]

VYPRA: There's still time. From the deepest shadows, far below! Where no mortal would dare to go! Only demons toss and burn. Now, mighty Quarganon! It's your time to return!

[The amulet suddenly changes into the demon, Quarganon.]

VYPRA: Destroy them, Quarganon!
QUARGANON: It will be my pleasure. Hahaha!

[He approaches the rangers, when suddenly is hit by four blasts.]

LUCAS: Who are they?
CARTER: Those are my friends.

[Looking over they see Dana, Joel, Chad, and Kelsey holding rescue blasters and standing at the ready.]

TRIP: They're the Lightspeed Rangers!

[The four rangers run up to the other six and they proceed to greet each other.]

CARTER: (to Chad) Hey, nice hair!
KATIE: (to Kelsey) Nice to meet you!
JEN: (to Dana) Hello!

[Meanwhile, Ransik is looking on in disgust.]

RANSIK: Ten rangers?! Hahahaha! No problem! No problem at all!

[Then the Silver Guardian SUV pulls up.. Eric steps out of the driver side and the final member of the Lightspeed team steps out of the passenger side. Eric and Ryan walk to the front of the SUV and Ryan points at Ransik.]

RYAN: You mean twelve!

[Ryan and Eric join the gang as Vypra watches them.]

VYPRA: I've been waiting for this... for a long, long time!

[The twelve rangers then line up and walk towards the demons.]

WES: Let's do it!
CARTER: Ready?
FIVE LIGHTSPEED RANGERS: Lightspeed... Rescue!!

[Then the five rangers morph into the Lightspeed Rangers.]

RYAN: Titanium Power!

[Ryan then proceeds to morph into the Titanium Ranger.]

WES: Ready?
FIVE TIME FORCE RANGERS: Time For... Time Force!!

[Then the five rangers morph into the Time Force Rangers.]

ERIC: Quantum Power!

[Lastly, Eric morphs into the Quantum Ranger.]

CARTER, DANA, RYAN, CHAD, JOEL, & KELSEY: Lightspeed Rescue!
WES, JEN, KATIE, TRIP, LUCAS, & ERIC: Time For Time Force!
VYPRA: Show them what demon power can do!
WES: Let's do it!
VYPRA: Destroy them!

[Eric and Ryan start battling the red faced demon warrior. Using teamwork, the two sixth rangers are able to destroy the warrior. Meanwhile, Lucas and Chad are busy battling the blue faced demon warrior. Lucas, using his Chrono Sabers, and Chad, using some well placed martial art moves, fighting the warrior. Close by, Katie and Kelsey are fighting the yellow faced demon warrior and are having as much luck as the two blue rangers. Unable to completely destroy the warrior, but certainly tiring him out. Elsewhere, Trip is fighting the green faced demon warrior and is about to go down when Joel jumps to his rescue. They then turn around and continue to battle the warrior. Jen and Dana are working well together, also being able to destroy the pink faced demon warrior. And, Wes and Carter are on their own fighting Quarganon, who seems to be too powerful at the moment. Back to Eric, his path is blocked by one of the demon warriors.]

ERIC: Mega Battle, Activate!

[And in a flash of red and gold, the Quantum Ranger is equipped with his metallic armor and sends the demon back to where ever he came from. Nearby, Dana, Joel, Chad, and Kelsey corner the blue warrior.]

CHAD: Mega Battle, Blue!

[In a flash, Chad is equipped with his silver and blue armor and water bazooka.]

JOEL: Mega Battle, Green! Mega Battle Mode!

[In another flash, Joel is equipped in his silver and green armor and two edged saw. The two Mega Battle Armored Lightspeed Rangers and the Pink and Yellow Lightspeed rangers line up and face the demon.]


[In a explosion, the blue warrior is disintegrated. Close by, Jen, Lucas, Trip, and Katie corner the last remaining warrior. Surrounding it, they raise their V-Blasters.]


[In an instant the remaining demon warrior is nothing but a memory. Not far off, Carter is busy fighting Quarganon while Wes has his hands full fighting Vypra. Carter looks over in time to see Wes thrown into a crate.]

CARTER: On, no!

[Carter runs over and helps up his fallen teammate.]

QUARGANON: It's been fun, but I've had enough!
CARTER: So have I! TransArmor Cycle!

[Carter is then equipped with his Cycle in armor mode. Wes then stand up behind him.]

WES: Fire Battle Warrior! Online!

[In a ring of fire, Wes is equipped with the gold and red armor and fire sword. Lined up with Mega Battle clad Eric, Chad, and Joel, and Armored Carter, Wes gets ready to attack both Quarganon and Vypra.]

WES: Let's finish this! Ready? Fire!

[In a spectacular blast from the five rangers, both Vypra and her demon and reduced to smoldering clumps of ash.]

[Later that day, the five Time Force officers show the six Lightspeed Rangers around the Clock Tower they call home.]

WES: C'mon, guys. Check it out! What'd you think?
TRIP: (to Joel and Kelsey) C'mon, over here! The bell's over here.
JOEL: I thought you guys came from the future?! This place looks kind of... old!

[Kelsey elbows her teammates side as Trip and Katie smile and nod. Then Circuit comes flying into the room causing both Joel and Chad to duck.]

CIRCUIT: Hey?! What's that supposed to mean?! Some old things are good! Anyway... we like it!
JEN: Thanks, you guys. For everything.
DANA: No problem! *giggles*
RYAN: You guys are doing an awesome job.

[Then the Time Force Rangers line up in front of the Lightspeed Rangers, each facing their corresponding color team mate and having something hidden behind their backs.]

WES: We wanted to give you something to remember us by.

[They take out from behind their backs folded Time Force Officer jackets (Jen holding two) to give to their new friends. The Lightspeed Rangers are speechless, and Jen notices.]

JEN: What is it? You don't like them?
CHAD: No! They're great! It's just that...
KELSEY: We had something to give to you guys, too!

[The six rangers then take off their official Lightspeed jackets and hand them to their new friends, Ryan holding onto his to give to Eric later.]

WES: Haha! This is excellent!
CARTER: See if it fits.
WES: Perfect!
JEN: Nice!
DANA: *giggles*
TRIP: Yeah!
LUCAS: Thanks!
KATIE: Thank you!
KELSEY: It looks good on you!

[Then after a lot of hand shaking, hugging, and back slapping...]

WES: How about we escort you back to Mariner Bay?
CARTER: Great! You got the jackets...not try the dance!

[The Lightspeed Rangers move to the background as the Time Force Ranger move forward.]

WES: You ready?
JEN: *giggles* Sure!
ALL FIVE TIME FORCE RANGERS: Lightspeed... Rescue!

[The morphed Time Force Rangers are on their Vector Cycles and behind them is the Rescue Rover with the morphed Lightspeed Rangers inside.


Written by: Judd Lynn and Jackie Marchand
Directed by: Koichi Sakamoto
Original Air Date: September 29, 2001
Quarganon Monster Suit From: "Mirai Sentai TimeRanger vs. GoGo V" (video)
Episode #33 of Power Rangers Time Force
Episode #411 of the Power Ranger series
Official Fox Kids Show Number: PR-1133
Next Episode: "Reflections of Evil"